We couldn’t remember the password to the greatest blog in the world, this is just a tribute. 

This is a place open for discussion. Run by Terry and Jude, a white, heterosexual, working class, married couple living in the UK.*

*read over privileged, unexciting and non marginalised couple.

Nevertheless, despite the fact that we are clearly not entitled to an opinion on anything, we thought we’d voice them anyway in between weekly jaunts to furnish the WI with baked goods and Terry’s sciatica injections.

We invite everyone to join in the discussion, even if you have no rights, please use the comments to have your say. Sometimes even we disagree between ourselves, quite often actually, and gosh darn it we do love a good heated debate. 

One little warning though:

Strong opinions are welcome but abuse will deleted or (more likely) ridiculed and anything you do say can and probably will be used in future posts. 
As long as we are all clear on that, let the conversation begin!